Thursday, July 24, 2008

Where do I begin......

Well I have had this blog set up for a while now but haven't done anything with it. I thought I would just write about what we have been up to. Dan and I are living in San Diego. I finished school at BYU-Idaho with a degree in Elementary Education last July. Dan will be transferring to SDSU in September. I am working at a law office and trying to patiently wait for our baby girl Kaylee to be born. She is due October 3rd. We are VERY excited but getting more and more nervous as the day gets closer and closer. That's about is good!

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susie said...

Dearest Gretchen and Dan der Mann,
I don't know whether to be offended that I had to google to find your blog or just be happy that I get to stay in touch with you a little better! I'll let you know a little later. For now, I get to comment! Gretch, you should post all the time because it's interesting for the rest of us, even if it's not to you. With that in mind, good luck with the labor and birth. Yikes!
PS-labor pains without an epidural is truly the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me...good luck with that Gretch! No one had ever told me that, so I now make it a point to tell everyone I care about who is about to have a baby. All my love!