Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kaylee has arrived!

Kaylee Christine Collett was born on October 1 @ around 6:00 p.m.. She weighed in at 8 lbs 2 ozs and was 19 inches long. I ended up having to have a c-section and Kaylee had an infection and was admitted to the NICU the day she was born. She was put on 10 day antibiotics and so we did not get to take her home when I was discharged from the hospital. She had to stay for another week. She made amazing progress in the NICU and by the time we got to take her home she was up to 8 lbs 14 ozs. She is continuing to grow and we are having so much fun watching all of her many adorable facial expressions. Sometimes I look at her and can not believe that I am a mom...but I am loving it and she is such a blessing. :)


susie said...

I looked at Madeline today and thought, I can't believe you're my daughter! And it's been three years. It's so weird how when you're little, it's a given that your parents are you parents, but when you're the parents, the kids grow on you.

Emily said...

Gretchen I am about to pass out! You are a mom!!! Congrats! Holy cow! I am so excited for you!!! Your baby is beautiful! Congrats congrats! Man am I a slacker! You are going to be the best mom! I am just so excited for you! Your blog is cute! Hope to see more! Take care!