Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pictures from the last couple months...

The day she was blessed.
Mommy with her girl!
#1 FAN!!!
Christmas '08
Fascinated with Grandpa's train set.
Our little Christmas Elf!
Asleep but not letting go of her toy. :)


susie said...

So cute Gretch! Who does she look more like? I want to hear your thoughts on motherhood, too! And you need to come to my blog, just because.

Emily said...

Gretchen she is gorgeous! So are you! I love your dress! Motherhood suits you well!

Amber said...

Gretchen it is so good to see your family! Kaylee is beautiful, congratulations! I am doing well, living in Phoenix near our family. It sounds like you are doing well too. Where in SD are you living??

susie said...

Gretch, you read my blog?! I'm so touched an honored. So much so that I"ll say this to you,
As loudly as I can to dispel the silence of the night while you're trying to sleep. If only I would record myself and then send it to your husband to play in the middle of the night as a joke.