Saturday, July 11, 2009

So Sweet!!!

Dan came home from work at around 6:30 this morning and when he came in the room he told me he had a treat for me and set something down on the nightstand. I was not quite awake yet but I sat up and looked over at the nightstand and there was a donut box. I smiled thinking about the donut that I would be eating later for breakfast but then just went back to bed. Donuts are probably not the best food to be eating if I want to reach my goal of losing 40 pounds and eventually running a marathon but they are a nice treat every once and a while. :) Anyways, when I got up later I opened up the box and this is what I found. That's definitely no ordinary box of donuts. Looks like Dan had some fun at the bakery this morning...such a sweety!!!


susie said...

I love it, Gretch! That's so sweet! And it looks delicious! I'm going to run a marathon next July, do you want to run one with me? I only get pregnancy weight off with jogging, and I only jog if I set goals. What do you think?

Peter and Mandy said...

You have one sweet hubby...How cute!

Drew and Katee said...

oh that is so cute! how thoughtful!