Monday, January 11, 2010

Beach Baby!!

I am a little embarrassed to admit this, seeing as I live in San Diego, but today was the first day that Kaylee went in the ocean. I wasn't sure exactly how she would react to the water but as soon as we put her down on the beach she headed straight towards the water. She ran all over the place, got knocked over by the water a few times, and absolutely loved it!!! It was such a beautiful day!! It was one of those days where I was reminded why I LOVE living in San Diego. We were originally planning on just having her play in the sand and so we didn't bring any towels or any sort of beach gear with us. BIG MISTAKE!! Next time we will definitely be more prepared! Dan was really excited that Kaylee loved the beach because he grew up going to the beach A LOT!! Me, not so much...and I think watching Jaws ruined it for me as well. :) It was a really fun afternoon and I was glad that we could spend some relaxing time as a family before the stress of school begins again for Dan. If anyone wants to take a trip to the beach, we're in!!

This is the before picture. :)

Walking around with Daddy.
Splashing in the water!

Ready to go home!


susie said...

Gretchen, after living in the east/south, I'd pretty much kill to live in San Diego. It's so beautiful! And wonderful! And the beach is beautiful! And wonderful!

And Kaylie is so cute. Will you update more? I miss hearing from Gretchen!

Emily said...

Gretchen your baby is so cute!!!

Amber said...

Dang it that baby is so cute! :)