Friday, September 10, 2010

LPGA Here We Come!!!

I knew when I married Dan I was marrying into a family of golfers. Dan's dad grew up playing golf and works at a golf course, his Grandpa played on the PGA and is a lifetime member, and Dan LOVES to play golf!!! I think if he had the option to play golf everyday he would. Dan's Grandpa was going through some things and he came across some junior size golf clubs. He called us and told us he wanted to give the clubs to Kaylee and that when we come and get them he could give Kaylee her first lesson! We went to their house today and Kaylee had so much fun!! It was fun to watch her interact with her Great-Grandpa. She definitely doesn't have the attention span to master the sport of golf right now but maybe one day! I can totally see Dan taking her out to the driving range with him one day. I'm ok with it...she can play golf and be a ballerina too, right?! :)

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susie said...

Gretch, why didn't you introduce Dan to me as, "This is Dan, his grandpa played on the PGA tour." Is it because you wanted me to like him for him, and not his famous connections? Cool for Kaylee!