Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our Girl is Growing!!!

Yesterday I took Kaylee to the Dr. for her 4 month check-up. She will actually be 5 months next Sunday, but anyways, she had to get 4 more shots. I prepared myself this time and actually didn't cry. It was hard not crying listening to Kaylee...she was not a happy camper! The visit was good and here are her stats:

Weight: 15 lbs 4 ozs (85th percentile)
Length: 25 and a half inches (90th percentile)
Head: 42 cm (75 percentile)


Ellen Nef said...

5 months?!! holy cow they grow fast! she's so cute though!!

Scott and Analisa said...

what a pie of cuteness! Man, you done good. Shots are the worse! I hate them for me and for anyone! I remember crying a lot those first six months, glad that is done with! that would be cool if you guys were in Utah for the reunion. I hadn't heard anything yet. I am not sure we will make it to Provo or not, we are both super busy with classes, but we'll try!