Friday, April 17, 2009

Uncle Rudy

This week my brother Rudy came to visit before heading back up to work fishing in Alaska. For those of you familiar with the show "The Deadliest Catch", that is exactly what my brother does. So crazy!!! I think he is part of the same fleet of ships that are on the show. I'm not sure exactly but he knows the crews that are a part of the show. I have seen the show a few times but I have a hard time watching it because it scares me knowing that Rudy is out there doing such a dangerous job. He has shown us some pretty cool pictures though like ones of him laying in a big tank full of king crab. It was fun having him here and Kaylee loved getting to spend some time with her Uncle Rudy. The following are some pictures taken during Rudy's visit and I also included pictures of a few of his adventures in Alaska. Enjoy!

Dinner with Family

Kaylee with her Uncle Rudy

Kaylee loves her Uncle Rudy!

Rudy's boat The Pacific Sun

Pods that get dropped in the ocean to catch the crab.

Rudy standing in a tub full of king crab.

More king crab.


Peter and Mandy said...

Those crabs are huge! Peter says, "Crabs are like spiders except they have armor on the outside...ewwwww!" I agree with him :)

susie said...

That's cool Gretch, I don't know anyone who actually works on a boat. Getting to see family is so much fun. And Kaylee looks so cute! And I listened to rascal flatts the otehr day (i never do) and it reminded me TONS of you!

Scott Keene said...

I watch that show all the time, thats crazy that he does that! I was wondering what he looked like, cause over all the years that I have known your family, I have never met Rudy....