Friday, July 16, 2010

Our girly girl!!!

Yep, that's mascara folks!!! Dan was on the phone, I was on the computer, and Kaylee....was in the bathroom putting on her make-up!! Normally when she wanders into the bathroom she goes for her toothbrush. We are usually pretty quick about getting her before she is able to get into anything but today we weren't fast enough. You would think that I would have learned the first time she got into my make-up bag (Let's just say that she loves blush!). I should have moved it then, so silly of me!!! I can report now that my make-up bag is now kept in the hall closet on the second highest shelf. I guess we will see how long it stays safe there!!


Peter and Mandy said...

I can just see it now, one of your next posts will be your little monkey climbing the shelves in the hall closet :) Love it.

Ellen. said...

totally a camera moment! love her!!