Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer's Here!!

I'm sure I have mentioned this before but Kaylee LOVES to be outside!!! She is always asking to go outside. On one day in particular I was trying to think of something fun for Kaylee to do. I wanted to get out of the house and just figured we could head over to my parent's house. They have a pool, backyard, and cats that Kaylee can doesn't get better than that! On the way over though I stopped at Target and picked up an inflatable baby pool, a must have for summer, right? :) Well, I set the pool up in my parent's backyard and Kaylee had a blast!!

Kaylee enjoyed the pool for a while but then it became more exciting to dump water on the chair....silly girl!!


Peter and Mandy said...

So cute, love the fascination with water.

Ellen. said...

yay Gretchen, we have that exact same pool for ethan... well, except it's green! we stick it out on the balcony and pretend we have a real yard!! so excited for the summer. and of course, we love that water-on-chair-dumping girl of yours!

Noa and Tanya Tuitavuki said...

She's adorable!! How fun! You look great, too! I love the yellow skirts for the wedding!